Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions Of 5 Day Install

  • Colours chosen are “standard” as per the OzShut Colour range. Special Colours and powdercoating are not included.
  • Does not include electric connnections. Installations of rollershutters only
  • Bad weather or delays from clients for access are exempt.
  • Special fittings and height access equipment that may be required for installation purposes are exempt.
  • Order must be paid for in full on install.
  • ‘Installation Within 5 Days’ on selected promotions; is applicable to installation occuring within a period of five (5) business days excluding weekends.
  • ‘We Will Pay You $500’ on selected promotions; will be ‘paid’ by a company credit reducing the outstanding value or balance payable of your offical OzShut order by the amount OF $500.

Terms & Conditions Of 10 Year Guarantee

To view a copy of the guarantee you should discuss this with your OzShut Representantive at your scheduled appointment time.

There are no ulterior agendas, loopholes and hidden clauses in our guarantee.

Upon installation and final payment a guarantee is provided for your records should the need arise for any claim. You should keep this document handy if required to produce to our Service Technician, although OzShut will keep these details of your purchase on record should any claim be made.