Commercial Roller Shutters

OzShut's Commercial Roller Shutters are a modern, visually appealing and highly effective security solution for your business premises.

When installed over windows, doors or other suitable openings, Roller Shutters will help protect your establishment against unauthorised entry, burglary and vandalism.

All Commercial Roller Shutters are custom designed to meet the needs of our customers and suit the style of the premises. They can be used to secure any commercial or industrial building including shop fronts, warehouses, open entrance ways, kiosks and reception areas.

With a range of control options, product features and colours available, there is always a combination that will provide a practical and functional security solution while complimenting the appearance of the building.

We offer all commercial premises a free assessment & quotation, call us today on 13 20 68 or fill in the online booking request form and we will be in touch to arrange a suitable day & time.

Why are Commercial Roller Shutters the best option to secure your business?

Shop front break-inMost commercial buildings will already have security measures such as CCTV cameras, heavy duty locks, perimeter fencing, guard dogs or a monitored alarm system. These all help towards deterring theft and vandalism however what they all fail to do is prevent access through exposed windows and entry ways.

An alarm will only sound and the monitoring company will only alert you once the break-in has ALREADY taken place. Unfortunately there can still be ample time for thieves to take easy to reach valuables or at least cause expensive damage. The installation of Commercial Roller Shutters will protect these vulnerable entry points and STOP a thief from gaining access into your premises.

Commercial Roller ShuttersAs well as providing effective security, Commercial Roller Shutters are appealing for many businesses because of their versatility and appearance. At the turn of a switch, Roller Shutters can be opened, leaving the door, window or other access completely unobstructed. Unlike metal bars or grills, which permanently and unappealingly cover the entire surface. This is why Roller Shutters are often the preferred choice for commercial offices and shop fronts. During business hours they allow a clear view through the windows but when closed, the fragile glass surrounding these premises is protected. 

Roller Shutters can also be stopped at any level while still allowing some light and ventilation if direct sunlight and heat is a problem for parts of your building. You can view our Product Information page to learn more about the many practical benefits of Roller Shutters.

The security features of OzShut's Commercial Roller Shutters

Strength – OzShut Roller Shutters are made from a very strong, high quality, Marine Grade aluminium. They are designed to securely cover the entire window, door or other opening making access by potential thieves virtually impossible.

Heavy Duty Side Rail – OzShut now features an exclusive heavy duty side rail that is thicker and stronger than all standard Commercial Roller Shutters on the market today. This optional extra makes sure your business is safer than ever!

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Automatic Locking – When fully closed all of our Commercial Roller Shutters feature an automatic locking system within the top pelmet box. This stops the Roller Shutter from being lifted upwards.

Bottom Security Bar – On the bottom of the Roller Shutter curtain is a strong security bar. This solid piece of extruded aluminium prevents the ability to pull the Roller Shutter away from the window and out of its tracks.

Why choose OzShut for your Commercial Roller Shutters?

Product Quality

OzShut Roller Shutters are manufactured using only the highest quality materials. There are no cheap imports! The Marine Grade aluminium used to make all Roller Shutter components is produced in Europe then fabricated by ‘Croci’ Australia, the leading Roller Shutter profile manufacturer in the Australian and Asian Pacific Region. OzShut are Australia’s largest independent dealer of ‘Croci’ Roller Shutter products. 

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Competitive Prices

As WA’s largest Roller Shutter specialists, OzShut are able to offer our premium quality product at a competitive, affordable price. Our large warehouse keeps a constant stock holding of over $2 million of all Roller Shutter components. We have no wait time on interstate or overseas deliveries and can offer all customers immediate installation in just 5 working days from their order.

Customer Service

OzShut Roller Shutters are made to measure at our production facility in Malaga, WA. You can have complete confidence in the experience, professionalism and reliability of the entire OzShut team. All Commercial Roller Shutters come with a 10 year product guarantee and a dedicated service department providing after sales customer care.

Visit our About Us page to learn more.

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Trust the security of your business to the Roller Shutter professionals!

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