Keep your home cooler with OzShut's insulated Roller Shutters

OzShut Roller Shutters are designed to prevent the transfer of heat through your windows and help you stay cooler through the Summer. By keeping the cool air in and the hot sun out, they will save you money on the electricity costs of maintaining a comfortable temperature inside your home.

Keep your home cooler with OzShut's insulated Roller Shutters

Perth’s mediterranean climate means extended periods of sunshine and heat so cooling solutions such as air conditioners and insulation are an essential for most Perth homes.

However, even with adequate roof and wall insulation the majority of heat entering your home happens through the glass of your windows. Especially those that face directly into the morning or afternoon sun. This constant heat transfer causes your air conditioner to use a lot of costly energy to cool your home.

Air Conditioners

Of course windows are a very important aspect of any home. They let in natural light and fresh air as well as connecting the inside of the home with the outdoors. But windows are also a major source of unwanted heat gain in Summer. Window treatments such as blinds, curtains and awnings will all help to block out some sun light but they do very little to prevent the heat that transpires through the glass. OzShut Roller Shutters are installed on the outside of the window and will stop the heat before it enters your home.

Reduce Heat

How do Roller Shutters reduce heat?

The slats of all OzShut Roller Shutters are filled with high density Polyurethane, the same insulating material used in refrigerators & freezers. It is this insulation that allows OzShut Roller Shutters to reduce the transfer of heat through your windows by up to 90%!!

With less heat entering the home your air conditioner is able to work more efficiently to maintain the desired temperature. It will not need to operate for as long or as often to cool the internal air. This will save you at least 30-40% on the running costs.

Roller Shutters reduce heat

Polyurethane insulation inside each Roller Shutter slat

Don't spend another long, hot Summer being uncomfortable in your own home or paying huge energy bills!!

Arrange a free in-home measure & quote to see exactly why OzShut Roller Shutters are the best and most cost effective way to insulate your home from the heat of Summer.