Roller Shutters block out the light

A darkened room with OzShut Roller Shutters

Window coverings are a standard addition to most Australian houses. One of the main reasons for this is the ability to regulate the level of light inside the home. Especially bedroom windows when a darkened room is important for good quality sleep!

OzShut Roller Shutters will give you 100% control over the amount of light coming through your windows. At the turn of a switch you can choose to have an open unobstructed view, filtered light or complete darkness.

How much light do Roller Shutters block?

OzShut Roller Shutters are installed directly into the brickwork or render around the outside of your windows. They sit flush against the wall so unlike internal curtains or blinds they allow very little sunlight in around the edges. (Its important to note this will vary depending on the style of window and building material of the home.)

Roller Shutters help block out the light
Roller Shutters block out the light

You have 100% control of the light!

When fully closed Roller Shutters are capable of blocking out even the brightest morning sun. During the daytime however they can be opened completely to give a clear view outside your windows. With complete control at your fingertips, an OzShut Roller Shutter can be stopped at any height for your desired light level. They are also designed with perforation holes between each Roller Shutter slat that will let in filtered light and air. 


The perfect solution to make your bedroom darker

Bedrooms are primarily where most people choose block out window coverings to make the rooms darker for sleeping.

The bright morning sun on a bedroom window, even with internal curtains or blinds, is usually intense enough to shine through the sides. This often results in disrupted sleep and may cause young children to wake very early!

Roller Shutters can make your bedroom darker for sleeping
Baby sleeping in a darkened bedroom

Whether you have streetlights glaring through your window at night, babies or shift workers that need to sleep during the day or teenagers wanting to stay in bed until midday, Roller Shutters will provide the level of darkness needed for quality sleep.

During the Summer months direct sunlight can also cause bedrooms to become uncomfortably hot.

All OzShut Roller Shutter slats contain an insulating material that will prevent this transfer of heat by up to 90%! With so many other practical benefits, OzShut Roller Shutters are a worthwhile investment for any homeowner.

Roller Shutter insulation
Polyurethane insulation inside each Roller Shutter slat

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